Evolt Commercial

Evolt Commercial specialise in smart lighting products with an aim to make energy efficiency simple and easy. Each product is world class, designed in
Australia and manufactured to ISO 9001:2008.


Our devices are smarter and built from the ground up with complete support for DALI 2.0. Read more

Energy Efficient

Using advanced techniques in fitting and driver design our engineers have achieved high system efficiency, high system lumen output and low standby power. Evolt commercial products are the perfect compliment to an energy efficient building.

Works Best with ZenControl

ZenControl provides a fully certified DALI 2.0 lighting control system capable of achieving the best from the Evolt Commercial range. Read more

DALI Certified

Evolt Commercial lighting products are 100% compliant and tested to all relevant DALI standards. See the DALI-AG website for the full list of compliant products.

DALI 2.0

Evolt Commercial products are DALI 2.0 certified and compliant. No upgrades to specify or additional modules required. Want to know why to choose DALI 2.0 read more on the DALI-AG website. DALI 2.0 is the next benchmark in lighting control.


Over 60% Cost Saving

Convergence reduces the number of products needed and can save over 60% of the cost vs. buying individually.

Lower Installation Costs

Installing one product rather than four greatly reduces installation costs and time by up to 4x. Less wiring, Less terminations, less commissioning.

Better Environmental Savings

Less products mean less environmental impact. Less packaging, less parts, Less transport and lower energy consumption. Converging devices reduces wasted duplication.

Lower Power Consumption

A converged device uses less power while also consuming less DALI line current. Less total power consumption and less standby power as the duplicated losses have been removed.

When using converged devices DALI power is no longer an issue which allows installers to push device numbers to the limits. Have up to 64 ECDs + 64 ECGs on every DALI line and still not worry about the DALI line power.